Alternative Mental and Emotional Benefits For Your Teams

What would happen to performance if coaching were available to everyone in your organization?

About Us

At Daily Freedom School™, we are mentors, coaches, and therapists sharing our experiences and guidance so that you, your family, and your team have true progress in living your life purpose, becoming your ideal self, and contributing meaningfully to your life and the lives of others.

About You

You are someone who wants to have the freedom to be, do and have anything you want. Whether it is building an orphanage, leading your team to serve your clients, or creating the relationship of your dreams, you hear/feel a calling to experience all of your dreams, goals, and desires. You are someone who loves unconditionally, and wants to channel that powerful energy into ways of living that will enable you to be the best version of yourself, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. You want to become your higher self in this lifetime and experience the best life has to give you while leaving behind a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Our Aim

To advance your human potential through Mental and Emotional Resilience™, Smart Life Design™, and Execution Support™.


Mauro Nardocci

It's intense. It’s impactful. It helped me balance the anxiety to create the future, the willingness to enjoy the present, and have the confidence to add in my inner resources to create the future I want. It is very helpful.

Now there are plenty of things I am looking forward to. I would say that each one generates out of the new identity from the family perspective, and the business perspective. It’s more of an active approach now than what I had before. 

Now I can say "I’ve got this!"
My full potential is to create incredible things. The new element of confidence  is the key element. Also an element of vision.

So where I was going in life is where I want to go even more now. There's more trust and an element of peace of mind.

There's no more "filling my plate nonstop". If you keep filling your plate, most likely you will not ever get a meal. So I just savor what I have and keep building in that direction. I am confident to create what’s meaningful for me. I think everybody would benefit from this experience.

Kyra O'Keeffe, Ph.D.

So much lightness. That was phenomenal. It has been wonderful. 

Joshua Wheeler 

My subconscious is zooming through memories, and knowing and trusting that all the inappropriate distrust and old fears don't exist anymore in my being. And because of reframing they have all become learnings and resources that I can use now and in the future.

Leah Aitken

Everything I've done in therapy but condensed in 10 minutes. Just perfect!

Joseph Varghese

Amazing session! Something has shifted over the weekend. I am being more proactive, being more present to my greatness. Since then, I was interviewed on a podcast; I am stepping into this week feeling more clear, more intentional, more present to the bigger picture, why I'm growing my business, why it matters, and what my worth is. I so appreciate you. Thank you, Fernando!

Brandon Smith, USA Olympic Coach 

That was awesome. The next few years are really exciting. I'll definitely be adding a lot of this information to the athletes' training. 

Emily Esther

Fantastic! Wow! People should do this (Mental and Emotional Resilience™). This was awesome! Thank you so much! This was really, really great. I truly appreciate it!

If You Could Have A Transformation In One Area of Your Life, Where Would You Start?

Money, health, relationships. Which part of your life, when transformed, would support all other areas to be uplifted? 

What would life be like if you saw it as a wholesale game that you get to play, with the worthy goal being you living your life purpose daily? You don't have to do it alone. It takes a village, a community. We are here for you. We got your back, so that you can transform, become, achieve, arrive... daily.

What Needs To Happen For You To Be Happy With Your Progress? Who do you need to become to do the things you want to do?

  • Environment and beliefs guide one's thoughts, feelings, actions.
  • We are the average of the 5 people we spend time with the most.
  • Choose well. Choose better.

Freedom Path™ Trainings, Classes, Sessions

Mental and Emotional Resilience™ Group And Private Sessions And Interventions

  • Delete sabotaging mental and emotional subconscious patterns, beliefs, programs.
  • Install new patterns, beliefs, programs.
  • Start your fresh chapter, your new episode, your growth-oriented game for your life.

Smart Life Design™ and Unique Life Map™   

  • Utilize your new patterns, beliefs, programs to...
  • Smart Life Design™: plan, draw, think, imagine, dream, map out, mental rehearse your fresh chapter, your new episode, your next journey.
  • Create your Unique Life Map™.

Execution Support™

  • Become accountable and stay true to your Unique Life Map™.
  • Participate in Weekly Accountability Sprints™ with your coach and other cohort members.
  • Celebrate your wins.

Relationship Freedom™ Trainings, Classes, Sessions

Relationship Completion™ Group And Private Sessions

  • End your relationships well. If the relationship already ended, breakthrough sadness, hurt, anger.
  • Avoid unwarranted heartbreak. If the relationship already ended, find clarity, peace, serenity.
  • Re-start fresh and empowered.

Relationship Agreement™ Group And Private Sessions

  • Start a relationship well, or give your current relationship a fresh start.
  • Have your significant other know exactly what you want and need.
  • Transform your relationship into an oasis of connection, love, and intimacy.

Healthy Boundaries™ Group And Private Sessions

  • Put a stop to relationships that suck the life out of you.
  • Discover the appropriate amount of communication to have with individuals that you must communicate with because of familial or business relationships.
  • Get your energy and vitality back to use with people that respect, invigorate, and adore you, or with activities that uplift, energize, and expand your life.

Praise For Daily Freedom Staff

Steve Campbell

Fernando Lopes' social skill is perhaps the best I've ever encountered. He's a genius. In a parallel universe he's the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or President of a tropical island nation. It's my good fortune that he worked with me instead. Work with him and you WILL learn.

Virginia Dutton

Fernando Lopes is a life changer. We've worked a lot on money issues, and money is coming in! For a spiritual being, it's hard being a human sometimes, and what you bring to the table is not hard, it is so simple. You have brought me life. Thank you.

Sean Stewart

That's amazing I got that much done in that timeframe of 45 minutes. You're very laser with it, Fernando. I love you!

Jon Block

After working with Fernando, I'm fully expressed and connecting with people I want to connect with. If you're looking for a breakthrough, work with Fernando. Book a session with him. You will not regret it, and you will be so grateful that you did.

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